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Train to Nowhere

Train to Nowhere it’s a Adventure Game that tries to call our “little gamer” inside making him remember the old adventures of LucasArts and other companies of 80-90’s. This is the first game that I developed alone and until a few months ago I didn’t know to program anything. But let’s go to what we’re interested in: The story.

The Buried Express™ is the train where the souls travel to their last destination: Nowhere. The city where “The Agency of the Dead” is responsible for separating the souls to Heaven or hell. Tom, our protagonist, wakes up lying on the floor of a bathroom with blood-stained hands. Being in the buried Express means being dead, but Tom doesn’t get to remember how he died. Upon reaching his seat, another traveler comments to Tom that there has been a murder in the Coffee Wagon…

Our mission will be to solve the murder while we help Tom to remember how he died.
Sometimes things are not what they seem, and maybe Tom made mistakes during his life… or his death.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

This is a fangame, and don’t have support of SEGA. A young martial artist named Alex Kidd one day learns of a villain named Janken the Great who has defeated King Thunder of the city of Radaxian and who has kidnapped his son, Prince Egle (or ‘Igul’), and Egle’s fiancée Princess Lora.

Discovering that he is the lost son of King Thunder, Alex sets out to rescue the kingdom. On his quest, he defeats Janken’s henchmen and retrieves various items which lead him toward Janken whom he defeats and sees turned to stone. Alex retrieves the crown, and the people of Radaxian are restored under the newly crowned King Egle.


My Tubi es el único simulador de mascota virtual en el que puedes cuidar y evolucionar youtubers reales como elrubiusOMG, Fernanfloo, byViruZz y Paula Gonu.

¡La combinación definitiva entre un simulador de mascota virtual y un juego competitivo de cartas! Cuida de youtubers reales y aumenta sus estadísticas para hacerles luchar en duelos contra otros jugadores. Con My Tubi, ¡ahora puedes tomar el control sobre la evolución de tus creadores favoritos!

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