2D Concept Art & Animation

Illustration, Pixelart, Character Design...



My name is Hector and I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1986, and I always loved drawing. So, when I was 16 I started studying at Joso Comics, where I learned a lot of skills for my future job: Concept Artist and Game Developer.

Sadly, sometimes you can’t can work on you dream field, and when I was 21 I moved to Cáceres (Spain) to work on my second passion, Web Developing. My dad had a PC at home when I was young, so I started to code a few websites since I was around 14 years old until today.

A few years later I met Nikotxan (creator of the first animated webserie on Spain named Cálico Electrónico) and thanks to him, the desire to learn 2D animation aroused in me. While I was learning animation, I started a YouTube channel trying to grow up my skill as an animator. The channel later reached about 113.000 subscribers and, thanks to this, I was able to work with many famous brands like Playstation, Netflix, Nintendo

During this time I moved to Cadiz, and Niko and I made a few webseries for the Latinamerican public. “Mad Dinner”, “Super Épico” and “Las crónicas Troll” are some examples of this. In the present, I work as a freelance doing concept art, character design and GUI designs for some Videogame Studios like Uplay Online. Also, I’m developing my own games as a Game Developer. “Train to Nowhere” and «The Golden Scythe» are some examples. So, that’s it! Thank you so much for reading my story and I hope we can work someday in the future!

Characters 100%
Storyboard /Animatic 95%
Backgrounds / Landscapes 87%
Postproduction & Sound FX 85%
Concept Art
Character Design 95%
Assets and objects 80%
Enviroments 75%
Backgrounds / Landscapes 80%
Pixelart / Animation
Characters 90%
Assets & Objects 88%
GUI & Level Design (Tileset) 80%
Backgrounds / Landscapes 70%
Video Games
Characters & Enviroments 95%
Game Design 70%
GUI & Level Design 83%
Backgrounds / Landscapes 70%
Web development
Web Design 95%
HTML + CSS 100%
UX 95%
CMS 83%

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